Unimog 404 Extreme 4×4

This trip to the Hammers was in Nov 2009 with Trent Hershey, Dan Dreher in the Mog, and the guys from Predator Off Road in Auburn Ca. This video was taken from a new trail in the Hammers, Johnson Valley Ca, called Spooners! Here are the unimog specs: 1956 404 Unimog, Stock 6cyl 85hp Motor, Stock transmission, transfer case, stock portal axles, stock gears, with a stock Crawler box 350:1 1st gear ratio. What’s not stock: Roll cage, seats, 12V conversion, softer springs (Rear 4″ TJ springs in the front and 3/4 Ton Aerostar van springs in the rear) Fox gas shocks, Bilstein bump stops on all 4 corners, Full Hydro, TRW Beadlocks & 39.5″ BFG Krawler Red labels. There are obviously a few other non stock items like the back tool box, solar power panel, HD headlights, 2guys rock crawling lights, Sound system, new gas tank, skid plates etc.
Unimog 404 Extreme 4×4

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  1. There ya go. Keep that line. That looks good. To your left. Driver side cut it hard. Okay. keep that line. there ya go. that looks good. It would be alot better without the commentator. just sayin.

  2. ‘Universal Motorgerät’ (Unimog is just an acronym like Humvee) means almost the same as Multipurpose Vehicle. Else than the Hummer it has been built for agricultural, landscape conservation and road mending purposes in the first place and soon got adopted and beloved by the army, alpine rescue services and municipal utilities, while the farmers sooner or later forgot about its tractor skills. But there is another little difference. While the Humvee is an unreliable, thirsty and chunky repair shop dweller, built with the poorest thinkable understanding of quality and craftsmanship, the Unimogs are really tough and sturdy. It’s the Mauser ’98 action’s vehicle equivalent.

  3. It lifts a rock that weighs at least as much as the vehicle while climbing. 1:32

  4. Damn. That unimog looks like a freakin spider on those rocks. Amazing capabilities.

  5. a relative of mine had one on his dairy farm back in the 60’s. It had a 3 point hitch along w/ a pto. They used if for light to medium tractor duties. Baled hay with it, could handle a 3 bottom plow. Plus it could go down the road at 45 mph.

  6. great to see someone using a classic Mog for what it was built for, would be a shame to keep it locked away gathering dust. impressive twist between the axles, I’ve never seen a modern one be able to twist so far.

  7. I am from South Africa where I drove the MK1 and MK2 in the military for 4 years. Absolutely incredible off road. Loved the fact that you could use all 4 gears in reverse as well (no benefit, but a novelty). Not great on the open road giving about 105 – 120 km/h max speed. But who cares, right? Its what it does in the bush that matters. Great video Dan Dreher!

  8. I think speed has nothing to to with 4 wheelin àt all except in the sand dunes . A light fast 4×4 is best for that . On every other type terrian the unimogs rule. They can handle big stumps ,boulders ,mud , steep hills and deep snow . Driving slow in nature is more pleasure . People have time to look at things . If you want to race take a fast car to your local race track.

  9. This rig appears heavily modified, so its 4×4 capabilities are grossly unrealistic cf a good capable off-road vehicle. If one has to go into all that trouble to scale rocks this size, one might as well get a helicopter for faster and safer ascents.

  10. Такую технику нужно показывать не на скалах, а в чаче и глине

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