4×4 Cheburator I

Floating 4×4 vehicle. Video I.
By Russian travel company Trophy-Atelier Tours.
Email: Go4x4@bk.ru.
Soundtrack: Volnij Veter by Chaif.
4×4 Cheburator I

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  1. Great inner tubes with duct tape tread.Thanks for the music now I have to take a dump.

  2. znacie może nazwe tej piosenki? bo mi sie bardzo podoba i bym sobie ściagnął / do you know the title of this song?

  3. Ask americans to build similar.. they will spend 15-billion dollars, 10 years, and end up with something that almost does what this guy hase done in his garage!

  4. Well ‘Lil’ benny, this is the comments section, so one tends to leave comments here. I’ll add, that it never fails that some ‘moron’ doesn’t respect other’s comment’s and has to resort to child like responses.

  5. Here is another tune that the words are a complete mystery, but the music great. Anyone know the name of this song and a translation?

  6. @MontanaIR

    It’s russian rock band which named Chaif (Чайф in russian) and the name of song is Free Wind or Вольный Ветер.

    Чайф – Вольный ветер.

  7. @alexperezhogin
    Thanks, it is appreciated, another group to add to my list.

  8. where can i get ahold of this soundtrack from? i want to blast it evertime i go wheeling in my jeep from now on

  9. tell me pls the name of the musicalni group l like etu muziku i ponimaio russki iazik i joshu slushat etu grupu poshaluista otbeshaite … ia meksikaniets but lived in the cccp six years do svidania

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