5 Things You Should Never Do In A 4X4 Vehicle

Five ways that you could damage your 4×4 while off road.
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5 Things You Should Never Do In A 4X4 or 4WD Vehicle. Never drive on pavement with part-time 4WD, nor with a differential locked. Always put the car in neutral and come to a stop before putting the transfer case in 4 Lo. Never floor it when you’re trying to get unstuck. Be sure to use traction control appropriately, leaving it on when driving on snow, ice, or while rock crawling, and turning it off (or using an appropriate terrain mode) when driving through sand or mud. Finally, be sure to inspect underneath your vehicle after any serious off road adventure. Be safe and have fun out there! Thanks for watching.

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5 Things You Should Never Do In A 4X4 Vehicle

23 Comments on “5 Things You Should Never Do In A 4X4 Vehicle”

  1. Never floor it thing is somewhat true, except when you’re in deep snow that has a road under it (like in a parking lot or something). Heat from the tires spinning melt snow and ice, and the speed it’s spinning at when it grabs on the pavement shoots you out of the rut, and don’t let off that gas until you know you’re in a safe spot. Easing on the gas there won’t get you anywhere.

  2. If ur tires are packed with mud in a mud whole you can’t ease out of it. You have to pin it in 4h and get that mud out of the tires. Dig ur way out

  3. This is so specific to modern 4×4 none of this applies to classics btw there r defo situations to floor it nd if you have free wheeling hubs it doesnt matter if u have difflocks in the axle

  4. A little question please about the four wheel low gear
    When you’re statistical and you want to try to do an acceleration to gain some momentum to climb over a tough dune of sand
    Do you use first gear or second ? Just to move when you’re in the stationary position

  5. Flooring it works great until you stop…as long as you are moving…power is the way to go baby!

  6. A thing I noticed from the video, dont 4WD on highway tyres, use all-terain and deflate according to conditions.

  7. Proof of the existence of God,or. Is it just a coincidence that there is ,’ 5 things you need to know’, or ‘ 5 things you should never do’, about everything.

  8. The only traction control on my old truck is my right foot. I suggest you do a video on older 4×4’s that don’t have traction control, or similar electronic assists.

  9. but theres vehicles out there that at all time 4×4, or only have a “part time” or “auto 4×4” function and no 2wd. Are you saying that I should pull the front drive shaft if I drive it on dry pavement…….

  10. If I’m towing a couple thousand lbs up a really steep hill for 3 or 4 miles, in really bad snow conditions can I use 4 low and drive up the hill at around 25mph?

  11. I disagree. You can turn in 4 by 4 while your driving but you have to make sure the wheels are not spinning/slipping. This is according to my dodge nitro manual and I have been doing this for the past 3 years and yet, I got no problem. Just look at the dash and if you see the slipping symbol flashing wait until it’s gone and change it. Cars are smart enough and have advanced computer and mechanical parts that will disconnect and connect the 4×4. Also, in my dodge nitro if I was moving and turned on the 4 by 4, it would take couple of seconds for it to all connect while moving. There is literally no point to idle your car to turn on the 4×4. Also, it’s completely fine to use the 4×4 on pavement but avoid turns. Make sure every month or so to turn on the 4×4 to allow all the components to lubricate for few kilometres.

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