4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion – Full Camper Van Tour & Timelapse

I’ve been traveling for the past year in a converted Mercedes 4×4 Sprinter Van. This video has the full tour my camper van conversion and all the information and ideas for designing the ultimate tiny home on wheels.

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✶ Edited by Nate Fillnow of the Daily Pow:

✶ Special thanks to Erin Edenholm & the GoPro Family



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I’m the gal behind outdoor travel blog Bearfoot Theory, and I dig mountains, music, and fresh air of all kinds. I live full time in a 4×3 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van and you can usually find me romping around the West with my camera in hand.
4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion – Full Camper Van Tour & Timelapse

40 Comments on “4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion – Full Camper Van Tour & Timelapse”

  1. This is my favorite sprinter van conversion I’ve literally watched this more than 20 time when i get my sprinter i want an exact setup like this.. ??

  2. Of the many camper van videos I’ve watched this is probably my favorite design…2nd time watching!

  3. Best video I’ve seen yet! I love your choice of conversion. Love that you kept the video under ten mins. Love that there were no commercials ???? best conversion I’ve seen yet!

  4. Hey! What do you use to get Wi-Fi for work in your van? I’m considering moving to the van life

  5. This is one of the coolest van tours I’ve ever seen WoW!

    I am astonished about the fact that I have been contemplating about doing something which sounded so crazy at the time (still sounds crazy to everyone I know except me).

    Suddenly I’m bombarded with these videos, Pinterest stories and lots of cool looking images.

    Thanks for the inspiration as it continues. Not decided for certain which van, what layout or theme, but I’m working on it.

  6. How big is the water tank for the shower? This is the best sprinter van conversion IMHO.

  7. Of all the vans we’ve seen my wife and I like your’s the best.  Do you have any trouble with condensation on the inside of the windows in the winter?

  8. Hey Kristen this is awesome and your set up is brilliant. I really enjoyed the silky smooth filming and the chilled tunes to go with it. I myself will be getting back into van life and my vehicle of choice is has always been the Mercedes sprinter. P.S I sent you an e mail to see if I could offer some assistance with Bearfoot Theory. check your inbox when you get some time, it would be great to hear from you as your as inspiration and I simply love to see you following your goals on these videos. Many thanks and safe journeys … Adam Gunter. : )

  9. I do not understand why you guys use that much wood inside of these vans, campers! It looks good /This interior design looks really good) but adds so much weight, which will cause way more fuel use, van gonna drive like old boat in rough weather, covering ability will get way lover etc. so many problems. Using plastic, aluminium etc. durable but light weight and also cheap materials will provide more efficient fuel use, better driving vehicle and even interior gonna way more space.

  10. I think your van is the best I’ve seen, if I was to have one I would use your design.. The bathroom is what I was waiting for the most. Being able to bath is one of my main concerns. Awesome.

  11. I was wondering if you could share how and why you chose the conversion company that you did? And would you recommend them, or use them for another build?

  12. I love your van layout. What is the cost of van and upgrades? If you are ever in Tampa my wife and I would love to meet you (and your Van)

  13. Awesome !! I’ love Ur layout” home-van” Ur a genius way you have shower/bathroom in 1. i’ just love the whole thing. you best i’ seen by far…..be safe.

  14. Hey Kristin, I’m about to pull the trigger on cutting a hole in my new van. Before I do, I wanted to survey all of van builds that I watched leading up to this moment. My question is, “Have you had any leaks with your roof vent?” Cheers, Andrew

  15. Best design for me too. Am downsizing now in order to retire and travel in 6 years! Would add a magnetic screen for the doors.

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