Meeting A 4×4 Legend: ‘The Ugly Jeep’ – Dirt Every Day Episode 4

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams meets the Jeep that almost flunked him out of high school and sent him down the 4×4 road. Nicknamed “The Ugly Jeep,” it’s a beat up 1951 Jeep CJ3a built to be inconspicuous in an era when trucks were better known for chrome and wild graphics.

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Meeting A 4×4 Legend: ‘The Ugly Jeep’ – Dirt Every Day Episode 4

21 Comments on “Meeting A 4×4 Legend: ‘The Ugly Jeep’ – Dirt Every Day Episode 4”

  1. Very cool trail rig. Glad to see it got some press back in the day and once again for this video. Scott

  2. I know that my chances are gone to get a response.. but I’m 16, & I’m building an old ’84 s10 blazer. Its honestly pretty awesome. yeah it has ifs and a weak small 2.8l v6 (173 cubic inch.) but its redeeming features; a t5 manual 5 speed transmission (rebuilt it with my grandpa and myself) I’m hoping to get it on the road by the end of December. maybe one day ill open it up with a quad barrel carb, a larger exhaust, and maybe a manual front differential locking system (currently its controlled by a vacuum actuator with rubber line) or maybe just convert the line to hardline; make it slightly more reliable. not to mention for a washington car, its pretty rust free

  3. im currently building a 91 yj and i love it but unfortunately im building it on a tight budget with very little knowledge of jeeps. it would be awesome to go wheeling with you guys and maybe use some of your knowledge

  4. 29 active duty recruiter in Muncie Indiana, finally got my hands on a 97 tj needs a lot of TLC. But with what I do, don’t have much time let alone much money for it. I am slowly piecing it together and one day mark my words will be ready for MOAB. Haven’t come up with a good name for her yet but the wife calls it the heep. Love your show, watch it every chance I get on youtube. If for some reason you find yourself in Indiana let me know love to go wheeling.

  5. There were 2 jeeps I loved as a kid. The first had a Cadillac 501 V8 and the second had the 82 corvette crossfire injection 350 V8. I remember those old timers took them everywhere and never got stuck to my knowledge ! Just awesome 80s tech!

  6. Im a Jeeper From Butler Pa Birth place of the Jeep. Come wheel with us Fred! We would love to show yinz guys the many many trails we have. Ive got a 93 XJ thats my DD and i wheel it just about Daily as well. On my 14th XJ Ive had one ZJ and a 79 J-10 360 T-18. But My Jeep of choice are the XJs and I can take my little mildly built Heep anywhere the big guys can…well most anywhere. Id like to invite you Fred to Butler Pa and Wheel where Jeep began….with the Bantam Jeep. Hit me up Fred …Bantam Jeep Heritage Jeep Fest and invasion ever year Butler Pa in June…Bigger and better than Daytona beach plus we have Better wheelin!!!

  7. I’m 15 and I’m working on building a 1986 Dodge Ram w250 but most likely selling it for somthing a little smaller with more power

  8. Hahaha love the video. Reminds me of my budget build now turned into a project. First was 92 Suzuki sidekick. Now getting 1978 Suzuki lj80 to start rebuild

  9. Just bought a 84 k10. Flat black and 40s. High school dreams man it is great. Wish more kids were like this now a days

  10. I am 15 right now haha that teenager, building an 04 WJ limited with the 4.7, on a 6.5in long arm lift and 35s, lockers soon to come

  11. Building myself a little 89 s10 Jimmy. It’s my first car and bought it with a blown motor. It’s a hell of a project but when all is said and done I can’t wait to take her off-road in these woods around oklahoma

  12. about to get my front drive line in on my 94 olds mobile bravada the previous owner took it out cant wait to not get stuck as much haha

  13. My dad had an old Chevy suburban it was lime green and rusted and it was loud but it was what I always wanted, an off road truck. I was 8ish when he had it now I’m 25 and have an 87 xj and it’s comin along mainly wanted to post this cuz don’t want kids to just settle on whatever they get to drive work for it and get what you want I mean and I’d like to go wheeling with some ppl.

  14. I live in Austin TX and I have this old 1997 Jeep tj me and my dad have been building it for about a year now from the ground up this thing it in 2 different places right know but I got it for me and a friend that passed away in December after I got it he always said he wanted to build a jeep and I named it after his nickname yogi the bare his name was Anthany he was like a older brother to me saw him every day but I knew I got this jeep for a reason and I will continue to build this thing for ever won’t ever leave it

  15. I live in a small town in oregon called burns. It’s basically a small farm town out in the middle of no wear in eastern oregon. But one thing that I like the most about this town is you only have to go a few miles out of town and their is dirt roads for miles. And a lot of small jeep trails to. So has of right now I am building a 1984 toyota pickup extended cab pickup rock crawler. What I plan on doing to the truck is taking the 22r out and putting in a 4.3 v6 engine out of a chevy blazer. I’m also going to put 529 ring in pinion gears in it. A dual transfer case and a 5in suspension lift with 37 maxxis trapadors. I’m going to add some rock sliders and a frount bumper with a winch. After I’m done with it I will have a thorgey high horse power truck that will almost be able to go anywhere I take it. I’m also going to put a spool in the rear and a locker in the frount.

  16. I’m 16 and have a 97 tj that I’m building little here little there and it’s a blast. it will go just about anywhere I want to put it and it’s a blast to drive. It’s the tallest thing in my school parking lot ?. I started watching this channel about 3 or 4 years ago and got into jeeps. I worked hard for the past 2 years and bought my jeep back in August. Its my dream jeep. The jeep tube sock got me looking into tjs

  17. I’m not a young kid but I am working on a project. My wife had a 79 CJ5 . She sold it in 87 and has missed it every since. Fast forward 30 years, I found not just a 79 CJ5 but the EXACT SAME one she owned. Right now it’s stripped down to just the frame. We’re replacing all brake lines, fuel lines, and basically anything rubber. New 1 piece axles in the AMC 20 rear axle and a brand new GM crate 350 power plant. The previous owner swapped out the original straight 6. Once all the wrenches are turned it’ll go to the body shop. Hopefully it’ll be ready to give to her in April. The best thing about it is she has no idea I’ve bought it, no idea . What a nice 20 year anniversary present this will be. Awesome show Fred. You and Dave are the best.

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