‘Aquaman’s’ Land Rover Capsizes In 4×4 Challenge (Poland)

“Aquaman” nickname given to the rookie driver just after the swimming lesson: Can a Land Rover float? during the Orawa Challenge 2011 in Poland. Read the full story at
‘Aquaman’s’ Land Rover Capsizes In 4×4 Challenge (Poland)

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  1. I kept waiting for that to winch cable to come loose and decapitate the guy with his head sticking out the window at 4:05

  2. I take it you have never seen a winch cable snap. Everything in range gets whacked. It really does manage to hit everything…we snapped one pulling a disco out of a ford it gouged a deep tear straight through the bonnet and bedded itself in the windscreen.. Lucky no one got hit..but we did get our self’s out of reach before the load went on…you might want to do that. Especially the little kids..I reckon it could cut a little kid in half..certainly a steel bonnet was like a hot knife through butter…

  3. есть испітание нетолько для мужиков но идля ДЕФЕНДОРА110 єто супер

  4. this guy needs to play with a track vehicle …4 wheels in a mudhole is not 75% effective… i know there is no 100% but track V is better

  5. I would’ve thought the headlight would be totally sealed, but as you can see, it’s half full of water

  6. All those people standing so close to those cables which are super dangerous when snapped under load. I can’t believe those people are just standing within range of that, absolute madness

  7. Someone forgot there scooter gear at home lol. Got to love the Defender and it’s built purpose. So sad they stopped production of such a wonderful vehicle.

  8. at 1:23 I knew her was not going to pass xD why keep the window Open is a Beginner error :/

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