Kamaz 4×4 Dakar

Great movie with Kamaz 4×4 many wins on paris Dakar.
realy greate scens
Kamaz 4×4 Dakar

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  1. music:

    North Korea/ DPRK – Final Countdown [Laibach, Anthems]

    Purple Motion – Unreal2 (Scirreal mix)

  2. kamaz is probably the only good vehicle produced in Russia. GAZ, UAZ, MAZ, Lada, they all suck. I think MAZ is Belorussian but Kamaz is a beast.

  3. Kamaz needs to build a small, cheap yet durable, reliable, economical with low part prices vehicle that can be driven and purchased by anyone around the world. It should be a medium to small size pickup or SUV and have 4wd. It should also run on diesel, no larger than 6-cylinder, and gas mileage in the upper 30’s. Think of the AK47 when designing it. Good looks couldn’t hurt either.
    This would be like the VW Beetle back in the day.

  4. Horrible. Nothing like ripping up the road and destroying everything in sight and calling it “good”. Yeah, I like having a pristine planet to live on, so shut the fuck up.

  5. Rally Kamaz 4911 is currently selling on ebay. I am the seller) wirite, for more information)

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