Davis Oklahoma – Cross Bar Ranch

Cross Bar Ranch 4×4 Off Road Haven

The Cross Bar Ranch is Situated just west of Davis, Oklahoma at the heart of the Imperial Arbuckle Mountains.

The ranch is 6,500 acres and provides Jeep, Rock Crawler, UTV, ATV, and dirt bike trails for all ability levels. Being situated in the hills provides a lot of different terrain. Places from the ranch have rocky steep stone paths while at different areas of the ranch that the paths whined you throughout the shadows of the trees. Several of the paths hold water developing a muddy experience, something almost all of our guests do not shy away from! With over 100 miles of paths, the Cross Bar Ranch provides something for everybody! The ranch is owned by the City of Davis, OK and operated and handled by Midground Creators (devepment business). In addition, they provide rentals and also have RV sites out there.

muddy atv at cross barAnyone that has trekked through the hills of Oklahoma knows it’s one of the most beautiful terrains you could travel. With breathtaking views, natural water holes, and wild life that’s abundant, Cross Bar Ranch makes our list as one of Oklahomas premier off road features. The 6,500 acre property is deserving of everything that is boasted about it in magazines and online. My partner and I set out to crawl the hills of Cross Bar this past month and were not disappointed. There was plenty of mud and debris flying around that I felt like I was on the West Coast, deep into a Washington trail. The dirt is a little different in Oklahoma though and we found that our mud tires weren’t grabbing well in it. Not sure if we needed something more knobby, but the grab in certain scenarios just wasn’t there. I kept the truck in 4-low most of the time as we plowed through these monster mud pits. I had a WARN wench ready to work for me if I couldn’t carve out a path in this overgrown terrain we found ourselves in. We made it out and ventured into other areas of the property that were less likely to leave us stuck. By the time we made it back to camp you couldn’t even see the color of paint on the truck it was so muddy. There was an abnormal amount of this sticky mud stuck under the drive train and in the suspension springs that didn’t want to come out. We hosed the truck off back at camp but soon realized it was going to need some special attention from someone that knew more about cleaning up cars and trucks then we did. We reached out to an Oklahoma City Car Detailer for tips on cleaning the mud out of our leaf springs. It turns out this detailer had a ton of experience cleaning out cars and trucks in Oklahoma City and was no stranger to the mud covered trucks that crawled out of Cross Bar Ranch. We got the truck over to the detail shop and they cleaned it up before we trailered it and headed back West.