Extreme 4×4 Fun Wet And Wild Off-road

Extreme 4×4 Fun Wet and Wild Off-road, In trip episode 30 we take on a very soaking wet Adelaide rd and the muddy hills in the South West of W.A.
Alex from Intents Off-road joins us for this trip providing great track intel and as usual Brian & John in the Jeep Wrangler and Torben in the Silver 79 V8 are along for the ride.
Plenty of recoveries were had along the way and a vehicle failure.
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Extreme 4×4 Fun Wet And Wild Off-road

26 Comments on “Extreme 4×4 Fun Wet And Wild Off-road”

  1. had a dodge truck once had an electric fan it stopped working so i cut the wires and put it on a toggle switch worked a long time like that so maybe something to keep in mind next time

  2. hey…
    shout from NZ
    just want to say I get a huge amount on enjoyment from your professional vids.. yup 😉
    70 Series kinda rocks here too M8..
    me thinks… Australia is no bigger the NZ really..
    NZ is just more lumpy..

    Kind regards

  3. That looked like a ton of fun! Australia is beautiful! Cheers from Virginia Beach,Virginia,USA !

  4. Looks like you guys had heaps of fun. Great video shots, scenic areas and rather lots of water than tons of mud.

  5. Howzit Ronnie greetings from Maun, Botswana.Just looking for some advice. I run a vehicle recovery business operating mainly in Moremi. Water crossings are a problem since water ingress into the diffs and CV joints seems to be unstoppable. I have raised the breathers on diff and gearbox, but the bearings and swivel bearings and CV joints take a bath every time. Not to mention UJ’s. Do you guys have the same problem, do you have a solution? could you do a video on water proofing for this track or even what your oils look like afterwards. I drive a 79 series 4500 efi petrol. all my plugs and leads are sprayed with WD40 or equivalent regularly. have a snorkel. Thanks in advance

  6. Hey Ronny! I love your channel, your videos with all the good explanations and especially your Landcruiser. I would love to see how you guys prepare the cars and yourself for such a 3-day-trip. Greetings from Germany! Rob

  7. It’s embarrassing that a new Jeep overheated while 30 years old LC still works perfectly. BTW, you know it’s a bad engine when it overheats while water crossing. Great video.

  8. wow…i watched that hoping it would keep me calm while i was riding the symptoms of a nut allergy…it worked and im thru the worst without panicking…awesome video, so well done in every way…

  9. awesome videos Ronny,love your cruiser, I have an older 79 series 1hz 6 cylinder cruiser,only done 528.000 km does not blow smoke or leak anything.I drove these trucks underground mining for years and nothing put up with the harsh u/ground mining conditions like these cruisers,and i mean nothing ! this track looks like it runs parallel to sues rd mate ? and stops near the blackwood.

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