Iceland 4×4 Video In Deep Water

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Iceland 4×4 Video In Deep Water

18 Comments on “Iceland 4×4 Video In Deep Water”

  1. Why should I listen to someone who has no idea what they’re talking about? (Aside from the bowling, it is quite fun.)

  2. These guys are experts, with expertly made trucks, with more experience than most, and live in Iceland, and are Vikings, which are OP as fuck, and you assume they get stuck and freeze

  3. fuck yeah bub! headed back uptah the smelt’n shack aftah a fuckin beer run up the store.

  4. Hahah.  I like how the dude is moving the wheel around like he’s steering.   So how did the first guy get across?

  5. Couldnt a hot engine hitting ice cold water crack the heads potentially?

  6. замкадиши бедные дорог нет одни направления

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