Jipe Lamas 4×4 – (26/01/2014)

Pista MLT 4×4.
Jipe Lamas 4×4 – (26/01/2014)

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  1. Coitado do Betinho… já sbs k vais pra yoitube betinho kkk parabéns pelas filmagens… belo passeio mas são melhores os passeios btt Canedo…

  2. andarem a deverem dinheiro a todo mundo para brincar com os carros seus palhaços tende vergonha caloteiros. vigarist de grijo

  3. no puede ser tan pajero ese del minuto 3:10 qien le a dado registro a ese Dios q calentura cuando veo gente tan inutil manejando un vehiculo ?

  4. These are the worst drivers I’ve ever seen 4wheeling!!!  Not to good at filming either. I don’t want to see 15mins of someone doing the same thing,  knowing it’s not going to work no matter how man times they try it.

  5. 軍用車でもスタックすることがあるんだぞ!この連中何にも分かって無いな。それとも楽しんでいるのかな?

  6. nada profesional!! poca mentalidad!!! absurdas maneras de conducir en esos estados!

  7. this monkeys dont know how to drive, come down down under and we will teach you gypsy how to drive

  8. Have ANY of these guys ever heard of mud tires?? A set of Swampers & a 4″ lift will take a truck a long way without all the risks of breakage these guys seem hell bent on. Great video in any case, y’all just gotta love all the incredible mud ?

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