Traded The 4×4 For A Maybach!!!

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What’s up my sexy mofos! In today’s video:

– I got into the beaner, I mean bean business
– We Picked up another new car
– Farghini got very hands on with a special something in his life


Traded The 4×4 For A Maybach!!!

17 Comments on “Traded The 4×4 For A Maybach!!!”

  1. My sexiest mofos! I’m having the douchiest problem on earth and was wondering if I can get some feedback.
    I just released a new video on my site because I’M BUYING ANOTHER SUV AND I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE TO GET! hahahah HELP from my dudes that watch the cars every day would be greatly appreciated! :
    Love you sexy mofos! <3

  2. The “CoolBean” cuz it’s cold so cool coffee so bean and it’s just easy like guys wanna CoolBean it’s pretty quick to say and it’s like cool beans which is like cool I think that’s cool

  3. How about the brand be “let’s talk about cars yo” w any picture of your choice or best pic from comments. Reasoning: it’s your coffee and the phrase is your phrase and if the wrong person drinks it then they won’t stop talking about fucking cars yo

  4. I might be a little late, but did you come up with a name for new business venture with the coffee ?

  5. IGNITION COFFEE (with a classic car hand drawn in pencil on the front) you could put different cars on the front depending on the flavor. Love ur vids!!! Please pick me!!???

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