Murchison Off-road Adventure Australian Outback 4×4 Video

We visit Murchison off-road adventure park and make another Australian outback 4×4 video with plenty of 4 wheel driving on tough tracks, mud pits and beautiful australian outback scenery.
We finally get some real Toyota vs Nissan content in a mud race and 2 recoveries.
4wds on this trip;
2 single cab VDJ79 cab chassis V8 turbo Diesel’s
1 Dual cab VDJ79 V8 turbo Diesel
2 TD4.2 Nissan Patrols

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Murchison Off-road Adventure Australian Outback 4×4 Video

36 Comments on “Murchison Off-road Adventure Australian Outback 4×4 Video”

  1. Great vid – thx a lot! I love 4WD back home (Poland, Europe) I’m planning to move to WA with my wife and asap we get there i’m buyning 4 WD car (thinking about Discovery 3 which I’ve had for past 2 years back home, or Land Cruiser – just like yours ;])thanks to your films i know already where to go for fun and how it looks like in WA. Thanks a lot once again and take care!:)

  2. i can watch this all day long, the engine sound the tire spinning. hope i was there even if I were bare foot

  3. Loved it inspirational , can anyone tell me the type of truck the single cab flat back is.

  4. guys, this is tame stuff, why not organize a epic journey to Africa (before the Chinese pave the whole place with tarmac)? Ship cars to South Africa, drive to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, into Malawi, Mozambique, back into South Africa and ship cars back (and do that in the rainy season)? You will find, unpredictable terrain, wild animals, under paid border guards, thugs and bandits along the way, harsh weather conditions, isolated remote areas, lack of spare parts, dirty petrol and diesel, mosquito’s………..and much much more. A real adventure.

  5. You make awesome videos thank you . What size tires and wheels are you running on your 79 ?

  6. the 2 decked out 79 s are a bit heavy for big off cambers good to see some common sense there

  7. I loved your video of the outback. Excellent 4 wheeling trails. Would have liked to seen more of the wildlife. Us Americans can never get enough Koala’s and Kangaroos. 🙂

  8. As a woman who has spent 50 yrs in the scrub, I cannot believe you think this is challenging. Maybe if you get the gears right it will be much easier

  9. 26:40, the guy in the nissan (red + tray) needs to ty his stuff down a bit 😉 ) LOVE that tray btw. selfbuild?

  10. hello /// I watched many of your video it is so usefule keep going & i hope to see some deep mud video

  11. G’day ya blokes, great show–makes me want to come on down and give it a go–putting it on my bucket list!

  12. Its a shame this place has closed down now. It was an amazing spot to take the 4×4 and motobikes.

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