XO-1 Cvd Axles Installed On Slash 4×4

It was time for a longevity upgrade. With more power the yokes were starting to take a strain. Now with these cvd’s they’re a little beefier at 6mm instead of the stock 5mm axle shaft. They also use bigger bearings so I don’t have worry about them seizing up as often.

EDIT: There are now versions specifically made the the Slash 4×4

Conversion List

6451 x2——————-Traxxas Front Driveshaft (1) – x 2
6452 x2——————-Traxxas Rear Driveshaft (1) – x 2
6455 x1——————-Traxxas Aluminum Rear Axle Carriers –
6439 x1——————-Traxxas Aluminum Steering Block Set –
PTK-MR126-2RS x1—ProTek 6X12X4mm Ball Bearing (10) –
LOSB5970 x1———– Losi 10X15X4mm Bearings (4) –
4955 x1——————-Traxxas Pins, axle (2.5x12mm) (4) –
3982 x3——————-Traxxas Washer, Teflon 6x8x0.5 (10) –
91171 x1—————–AE SC10 4×4 FT Wheel Hexes (4) –

Instead of the Aluminum Traxxas Carriers, you could get the plastic Tekno Carriers for much cheaper:

TKR6837 —————–Tekno RC M6 Steering Block Set (2) –
TKR1952T15 ————Tekno RC M6 Rear Hub Carrier Set (2) –
XO-1 Cvd Axles Installed On Slash 4×4

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  1. I purchased all the parts in your parts list and what bearing do I use for the inside of the rear axle carrier? I purshased the 6455 axle carriers and the 10x15x4 bearing but they’re to big and the 6x12x4 are for the outside I assume. These were off the parts list but won’t fit??

  2. Got it. Thanks. Nice job. Want to hook up my son’s car with him. This will be kool.

  3. So you are looking at like $225 in parts? Shit, I bought my brushless 4×4 Slash for less than that. Unless I was racing for money or something that just doesn’t make sense. I will just keep replacing my factory parts every once in a while as they are so cheap anyway. From the looks of your rig you do compete, so that’s awesome.

    Good video though, you do an excellent job of explaining and showing how to do the job.

  4. Can you give me the part number for those A Arms. And are they the same part #for front and rear. Thanks Solid video.

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