Ford Explorer 4X4 Front Hub & Bearing Repair

This is the only Hub and Bearing I Recommend- (check fitment guide for your vehicle)

This is the Blue Loctite I use in the video-

In this video I go over replacing the front hub and bearing on the Ford Explorer line of vehicles from start to finish. This bearing is common for abs codes but more common for a grinding and or humming noise.
Torque Specs-
Hub and bearing 15mm bolts- 90ft lbs
Caliper bracket- 125ft lbs
Axle Nut- 185ft lbs
Lug Nuts- 100ft lbs
Ford Explorer 4X4 Front Hub & Bearing Repair

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  1. Is there enough clearance to be able to just pull the 1/2 shaft through that hole, once the WB is off? I have a similar set up with our explorer – Passinger side – I need to replace that side’s drive shaft – thanks

  2. Say i have a 02 ford explorer & i hear a thumping noise when i go in reverse. Also shaking on front wheels i think driver side with kinda a humming noise.

  3. Thanx for the vid, it really helped me to replace them on my own explorer. Keep them coming!

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